We believe humans and technology together make the best creators. This is why we combine human’s emotional skills with artificial video intelligence.

Emotions & Storytelling

Social technology features like vote and share are already in our DNA. We use them for you to easily express your emotions and associations to each clip. Why is this so important? Because artificial intelligence is not (yet) able to adopt human’s associative mind. This means we are best at emotions – and storytelling.

Video Production & Editing

You keep doing what you love: taking videos. Our technology takes care thereafter. We use visual recognition and clustering algorithm as well as machine learning techniques to automatically improve the quality of your clips and apply professional post-editing techniques. Audio analytics will come next.

Event Highlight Video

Be it at a private or a public event, we all record these special moments on our smartphones. Therefore, we develop technologies that allow reduced bandwidth to ensure efficient mobile usage. We apply location-based matching algorithm to drive collaborative video creation of events.


Starting with a video clip voting app, wesualize is moving on to a vibrant video maker powered by social interaction and A.I. – for private and public events. wesualize has started this journey in 2016; with the goal to build the bridge between innovative technology and people’s creativity.

  • Soon App launch
  • Fall 2018 Music selection & advanced editing features
  • In 2019 tangible A.I. supported video maker features

Join us in using technology to get the most out of our creativity.