Prove your Talent!

We hold a unique Video-Maker Contest for launching wesualize.

Our focus: young film makers & ambitious content creators.

What's new, different and super exciting about it? It's easy: Thanks to WEsualize, video projects will no longer be created alone. On the contrary: When ready, WEsualize will be the first international film and movie maker platform with location independent editing software for simultaneous editing of your video projects, along with a free footage library and a lot of crowd intelligence.

This is how our video maker contest works:

Step 1


  • Pre-Register now!
  • Enter your profile.

Step 2


  • Invite your team.
  • Start producing your idea.

Step 3


  • Upload your final video.
  • Tell all your friends to vote!

And That's what our video maker contest is all about:

Everyone, being among the first 5,000 participants, can compete in our contest. You can either do it alone, in a well functioning team or with new production partners around the world!

This is your chance to win with the video you always wanted to make.

We award a price to the best video - with 2,500 € prize money. No worries: There are additional WEsualize "Oscars" like:

with a price money of 500 € each.

The contest starts, once all 5,000 seats are taken and ends after 9 1/2 weeks with a jury selecting their top 10 videos. However: the winner is selected by the „audience“ in an open online voting. Done!

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Participation Conditions (GER)