About Us

What is it that lasts after an event? Right, the stories that we keep telling each other. Forever!

What if you could tell a video story that carries the special moments and emotions of all guests in a professionally produced video?

With this vision in mind, Nadin and Marcel founded wesualize, a smart video app to easily create remarkable event videos that last.  

So, we “just” build technology that brings human’s emotional skills and artificial video intelligence together. Accessible everywhere on your mobile device, even while you are celebrating.

What does that look like?

You create your own event via app, invite your friends, let them upload and rate each other’s clips and hand the favorite ones over to the computer to add the finishing touches – Powered by all guests and artificial intelligence.

Nadin-Shirin Zimmermann

CEO & Founder


Marcel Lambert

CTO & Founder


Enrico Jakob

Business Development

Daniel El-Assal

Art Director

Tomas Frank

Video-Production & A.I.

Tobias Koßmann

Social Media