The smartest way to your wedding video

Magic wand Wesualize

Your special event video made automatically. No editing skills needed.

Wesualize wedding video maker

Just download the WEsualize app. Enjoy your highlight video within seconds.

One Place Wesualize wedding video maker

Simply bring all guests and their clips together. Easily share, vote and view all within the interactive storyboard.

Wesualize wedding video maker

The only event video app where all guests produce their video together.

Powered by A.I.

Three simple steps

Wesualize Heroshot_CREATE_EVENT

Create & Invite

Get started! Easily register via app. Create and personalize your event. Invite all your guests with just one click.

Wesualize Heroshot_EVENT

Upload & Vote

Let your guests upload their clips and let them votefor their favorites.

Wesualize Heroshot_PLAY

Enjoy & Share

Let the magic happen, and instantly get your highlight video to share and download in HD.

It is so easy and quick and now we have an amazing memory of our very special day. Forever!

Nadin & Markus

Wow, it was such great fun to bring all these different videoclips together and finally

we have a joint memory video. From all of us for all of us!


We thought it the perfect birthday gift; a memory video created by all guests. It was so

easy and everyone just loved doing it. Johnny was stunned, when we gave this

present to him right at the end of the party!!


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